Sherwin-William’s National Overhaul Entrusted to FloorMax USA

With an extensive network of 4,931 retail locations, Sherwin-Williams faced the ambitious task of updating their sales floors with Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). The company required a dependable flooring partner to manage a widespread rollout, ensuring that their stores would maintain a safe shopping environment and uphold the esteemed Sherwin-Williams brand image throughout the renovation process.

FloorMax USA’s Strategic Solution

Lacking an internal team for the job, Sherwin-Williams turned to FloorMax USA, counting on their expertise to steer the project from start to finish. The FloorMax USA team, known for their angle and collaboration approach, worked hand-in-hand with Sherwin-Williams to meet every detail of the project’s demands. They even took on unexpected challenges, including resolving subfloor issues that cropped up along the way. The result? All tasks were completed seamlessly, under budget, and ahead of schedule.

Impressive Outcomes by the Numbers

FloorMax USA’s prowess in project management shone brightly as they executed a multi-location rollout for 32 stores, covering approximately 68,000 square feet, all within a swift 45-day timeline.

Invaluable Value Engineering Services

Achieving a substantial cost savings for Sherwin-Williams — a staggering 21.4% reduction in materials costs, which translates to nearly $399,000 in annual savings.

21.4% reduction in materials costs, which translates to nearly $399,000 in annual savings.

FloorMax USA manages every detail behind every flooring project. From design to installation, we’ll execute according to your budget, brand, timeline, and style preferences. With our care, you’ll have a quality flooring system that leave the right first impression.

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