Choosing the Right Approach for Your Project

It’s a common question. Should I use a service-based company or a sub-contractor? Here are some things to consider to determine the right approach for your project.

Flooring Installation: Sub-Contractors vs.Self-Performing

Have you ever wondered whether it’s better to have a service-based company self-perform their
work or use sub-contractors? It’s a common question, but in the flooring industry, things work a bit differently than in general maintenance or facilities services.

The Misconception:
Many people think hiring sub-contractors for flooring installation is risky, and that companies
who do all the work themselves offer better quality. However, in the world of flooring, using a
skilled sub-contractor crew is not just common—it’s the industry standard. National flooring
companies almost exclusively use sub-contractors. Why? Because self-performing full-store
flooring replacements on a national level just isn’t practical or cost-effective.

The Real Question:

Instead of asking who does the work, a more crucial question is: How do we ensure quality

with our sub-contractors?

Breaking the Stigma:
The wariness around sub-contractors often originates from the general contractor (GC) realm. The risk there is when a GC seeks the lowest bid for a project, often without a prior relationship with the bidder. It’s a gamble. But we play it safe. We don’t just pick random installers. Our approach is different.

Our Trusted Network:

We have a core group of installers who cover the entire country and have been with us for many years. These professionals have successfully completed thousands of projects. They’re not just contractors; they’re part of our preferred installer network. They’re the ones on-site, hands-on, ensuring your flooring is installed perfectly. We don’t subcontract out the work they do; they are an integral part of our team.

Quality Control:

Our CIM Certified Project Managers play a critical role in ensuring the highest level of quality. They are in daily communications with store managers, require progress photos from the installers daily through our custom software and phone app, and manage completion walk throughs with signed documentation.

Consistent Success:

Our network is key to our ability to deliver successful projects time and again. We’ve built lasting relationships with customers who trust our commitment to quality and reliability.

Choose us for your flooring needs, and experience the difference a dedicated, skilled network of professionals can make.

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