Partnering for Success: A Q&A with Kevin Hollinger, VP of Procurement at Metropolitan Companies

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction and procurement, establishing strong partnerships can be the key to success. We sat down with Kevin Hollinger, Vice President of Procurement at Metropolitan Companies, to delve into their collaboration with FloorMax USA and explore how this relationship has transformed the way they approach flooring solutions.

Introducing Kevin Hollinger

Kevin Hollinger, Vice President of Procurement at Metropolitan Companies, oversees the strategic management of relationships with key suppliers, including FloorMax USA. With a focus on driving efficiency and quality across Metropolitan Companies’ 11 construction divisions, Kevin plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s procurement strategies.

Navigating Challenges with FloorMax USA

Rising building costs posed a significant challenge for Metropolitan Companies, prompting them to seek innovative solutions. Through a partnership with FloorMax USA, Metropolitan Companies implemented factory direct buying relationships with manufacturers and leveraged installation labor services to enhance the finish quality of their building projects.

Services Provided by FloorMax USA

FloorMax USA extends beyond traditional flooring installation, offering strategic planning, material takeoffs, inventory management, and installation services. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless execution from planning to post-installation phases.

Going Beyond Installation: A True Partnership

Kevin emphasizes that FloorMax USA is more than just a flooring installation company; they are a strategic partner to Metropolitan Companies. By providing accurate material estimates, managing inventory, and offering responsive communication throughout the process, FloorMax USA aligns with Metropolitan Companies’ objectives seamlessly.

“I get compliments from all divisions on the quality and “Can Do” attitude from everyone at FloorMax USA. Naturally communications breakdown sometimes with any partners, but FloorMax responds like no other.”

Kevin Hollinger, Vice President of Procurement, Metropolitan Companies

Seamless Communication and Quality Assurance

The communication process between Metropolitan Companies and FloorMax USA is described as seamless and highly responsive. Post-installation feedback consistently highlights the quality craftsmanship and proactive approach of the FloorMax team.

Addressing Challenges and Ensuring Timely Solutions

In the fast-paced world of construction, unexpected challenges and change orders are inevitable. However, Kevin commends FloorMax USA for their swift response and resolution of any issues that arise, ensuring minimal disruption to Metropolitan Companies’ operations.

A Perfect 10

When asked to rate the level of service provided by FloorMax USA, Kevin unequivocally gives them a perfect 10. This endorsement underscores the invaluable partnership between Metropolitan Companies and FloorMax USA in achieving mutual success.

Closing Thoughts

The collaboration between Metropolitan Companies and FloorMax USA exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in overcoming challenges and driving success in the construction industry. By prioritizing communication, quality, and responsiveness, FloorMax USA has become an integral part of Metropolitan Companies’ procurement strategy, setting a standard for excellence in their field. As Metropolitan Companies continues to innovate and grow, their partnership with FloorMax USA serves as a testament to the transformative impact of strong supplier relationships.