The Benefits of Working Direct

Buying direct for flooring can be better than going through a GC for many reasons. Let us explain why.

Cost Savings

When you buy direct for flooring, you may save monty on the project. By eliminating the additional markup that the GC may add to the subcontractor’s fees. GC’s typically add a percentage to the subcontractor’s fees as part of their overall project management fee. By buying direct, you can avoid this added cost and negotiate a lower rate directly with the flooring subcontractor.

Better Communication

When you work directly with a flooring subcontractor, you have direct communication with the team performing the work. This can make it easier to discuss the details of the project, get updates on progress, and address any concerns or issues that arise. When you work with a GC, you may have to go through them to communicate with the subcontractor, which can slow down the process and create miscommunication.

Quality Control

When you work directly with a flooring subcontractor, you have more control over the quality of work. You can work with them to ensure they use the right materials, following installation procedures, and addressing any issues that arise. GC’s may not have the same level of expertise or attention to detail when it comes to flooring, which could lead to subpar results.

Time Savings

Buying direct for flooring can save time on the project timeline. When you work with a GC they may have to coordinate with multiple subcontractors, including the flooring subcontractor. This can lead to delays if scheduling conflicts arise or if communication between the GC and the subcontractor is not effective. By going direct, you can potentially streamline the process and get the flooring installed more quickly.

Overall, buying direct for flooring can offer several advantages over going through a GC, including cost savings. However, it’s important to consider your specific project needs and goals when deciding which approach to take.

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