Full-Service National Commercial

Flooring Solutions

For projects ranging from 200-store expansions to multi-site refreshes and commercial developments, FloorMax USA expertly manages every stage—planning, design, project management, and installation. Our CIM Certified project managers excel in complex logistics, guaranteeing exceptional flooring outcomes for every space. We are America’s trusted choice for large-scale commercial flooring projects.

Performance Metrics


32 stores, covering approximately 68,000 square feet, within 45 days

Best Buy

43 locations, covering approximately 1,505,000 square feet, within 90 days


35 schools, covering approximately 300,000 square feet, within 33 days

Project Management Excellence

Our team of project managers have completed the Certified Installation Manager (CIM) Program through the FCICA, the Flooring Contractors Association.

This CIM Program sets the industry standard for those involved in the management of commercial flooring projects. 

What Our Customers Say

“FloorMax Team, WOW! I thought I gave you all an impossible task. Paint four clinics in Arizona in four weeks and you pulled it off, and everyone’s happy. Excellent job!!! There will be more to come.”
—Project Manager, Real Estate, West Zone, Concentra
“Thank you so much for all your assistance throughout the year…you make my job so much easier and I really appreciate all you do for me and BBRG.”
—Cheryl, BRAVO/BRIO Restaurant Group

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Trust in FloorMax USA to make your job easier. We know what it takes.

Benefits of working directly with us.

Buying direct for flooring can be better than going through a GC for several reasons:

Cost Savings: Purchasing flooring directly can reduce overall project costs by avoiding the additional markup that general contractors often apply to subcontractor fees.

Quality Control: Working directly with a flooring subcontractor offers greater control over the quality of work and materials, ensuring proper installation procedures and resolving issues more effectively.

Better Communication: Directly working with a flooring subcontractor enhances communication, streamlines project discussions, and reduces the risk of miscommunication often encountered when going through a general contractor.

Time Savings: Buying flooring directly can expedite the project timeline by eliminating delays often caused by a general contractor’s coordination with multiple subcontractors.