Commercial Development

FloorMax USA specializes in commercial development projects, offering comprehensive services for both new construction and major retail ventures. Our expertise is tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. We excel in collaborating with preferred vendors, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional results for all our commercial clients.


New Construction

We provide robust support for new construction in commercial development projects, ensuring top-quality flooring solutions tailored to each unique build.

Design Services

FloorMax USA offers expert design services, seamlessly coordinating national rollouts with unparalleled precision.

Project Management

We provide efficient project management for multi-location flooring installations, ensuring consistent quality and minimizing downtime across all sites.

Value Engineering

Our value engineering approach is designed to optimize your investment, saving you both time and essential financial resources. Trust us to deliver excellence while maximizing value.

Turnkey Solutions

We work with you to provide quality materials and installation. Our specialty lies in supplying quality materials and their handling their expert installation.